What is the best gift to spice up Valentines Day in 2022

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we are here to answer the most frequently asked question, “What is the best gift to spice up Valentine’s Day?” and how you can make it different in 2022.

Valentine’s Day is all about expressing love and showing it in different ways, such as sharing gifts, going out for dinners, and taking a short staycation. Well, this is the usual. But, with Valentine’s Day coming around year after year, how are you going to do it this time?

Well, we’ve got your back.

Valentines Day in 2022

Mazing Focus is here to present you with the best gifts to spice up your Valentine’s day


You can never go wrong with jewellery for both men and women. Go down to your jewellers and get that most dashing pair of earrings for her, or you could get a macho bracelet for him. If you want to splurge a little more and let your lady love know that you adore her, get her diamonds, and it will be a pair that she will hold onto for life.

We have Pandora and TIffany’s to make sure you get it right.


What better way to keep things a bit spiced up this Valentine’s. If she doesn’t already know that she is the one, then here’s your chance. Get her the perfect perfume to let her know what she means to you. And, for the lady’s, get him a spicy and aqua cologne.

Channel, Christine Dior and Armani are your friends to get it right.

Gaming Console

This one is specially chosen for the ladies to get it right this year. If you want to keep him grounded, get him the PlayStation 5 console this Valentine’s 2022. Playstations to a man is what diamonds are to women. Go all out, pick out a few more games to throw in with the console. He will know that he is the one.

Sony Playstation 5 has your back when it comes to sending a strong V Day message.


This is where you can go with a His & Hers. It’s a win-win. Pick out a couple’s watch and you will instantly feel like Bonnie and Clyde – inseparable and fancy. Watches are essential, but they add a sense of flair to the fact that they would be wrapped around the wrist for a few years.

Fossil, Daniel Wellington, and Tag Heuer are some of the best picks.


From speakers to fashion accessories, make a strong statement on Valentine’s Day. And, if you have a lot of making up to do, then choose the best. Soundbars for him and beauty accessories for her will get you the best partner of the year 2022.

Get him that Sony bar if you should and for her, Dyson has a range of products that you can choose from.

Now, we are taking a short detour to allure you to add true meaning to Valentine’s Day 2022. That will leave things spiced up for life if she/he is the one.

Make it meaningful

Yes, gifts are a gesture to materialise love and make it tangible. It is how we show our love, but don’t forget the idea behind it. Love. Make sure you spice up your Valentine’s Day in 2022 by adding meaning.

  • Be better
  • Love better
  • Add Kindness
  • Display loyalty

Every day is Valentine’s Day if you are surrounded by love. Use this day, to send a message and a reminder to a loved one that they are special and deserve the best.


Mazing Focus is an admirer of giving, and with this list, you can never go wrong. If you have been struggling to use your words, let the above list spice things up this Valentine’s Day 2022.

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