What are we thankful for with Thanksgiving around the corner?

Wondering what to be thankful for this thanksgiving? Well, with all that has happened in the past years we have a lot. The world has seen several record-breaking disasters, from the pandemic that spread across the globe, to million acres of a wildfire that destroyed the Amazon Rain Forest. Being separated from our loved ones and being locked away the world was brought to a halt. It would be ridiculous for us to not have a list of things to be thankful for, this thanksgiving.

What are we thankful for with Thanksgiving around the corner

What is Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Thanksgiving tradition started with pilgrims feasting to celebrate their first harvest. Thanksgiving Day is all about being grateful for the little things in life. It is a day filled with feasting, baking, cooking, travel, being surrounded by loved ones, to express gratitude.

Why is gratitude important?

Gratitude is one of the many positive emotions. It is a practice of recognizing, acknowledging and appreciating the good around. A grateful heart leads to a life of plenty, with endless blessings. If you haven’t yet thought of something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, start with what you have and you will end up with more.

How to spread gratitude?

Start with the little things, from waking up before your alarm goes off and realizing that you have a few minutes more before you hit the road. Show gratitude to the sun that shines bright for you, so you don’t live in darkness. Be grateful for the coffee beans that grew all year for you to have that best Espresso.

It is said that gratitude is the healthiest of all positive emotions. Gratitude helps people feel more positive. A little practice of gratitude every day improves your well-being. Listed below are a few things you can do this thanksgiving and for the rest of the days after.

What can you do this Thanksgiving Day?

On this Thanksgiving Day, start with your family. Organize a lunch or dinner, invite your loved ones home, and cook a nice meal or even a turkey, as it is a tradition. Deck your surroundings with some pink decorations; it is the colour of gratitude. Play a little music and organise a few games. Pay attention to the people around you and say ‘thank you for the laughter’.

Gather around the table for lunch or dinner, and conduct a quick activity, giving everyone around the table a chance to say one or two things they are grateful for this year. Take a lot of pictures and save memories, remember the moments of ecstasy you feel, to sit back and add these moments as one of the many things to be grateful for. Often we fail to recognize the delightfulness around us cribbing about the things we don’t yet have.

Remember that gratitude is an exercise for physical and mental well-being. Spread gratitude and kindness acknowledging the little things around us, the tangible and intangible, the things that have made life so easy and convenient for us. May this year of thanksgiving be a year of gratitude and wellness? Start now!

Practise gratitude as a daily habit. Daily atomic habits of gratitude will, in turn, help you to cultivate a lifestyle of gratitude.

Mazing Focus has a lot to be thankful for and the first on our gratitude list is you. We are glad to be a part of the journey you take to be better. We are delighted to grow along with you. While you take these steps to be better we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving this year!

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