What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the key feature in which the printer optimizes how websites display on search engines. The optimization of websites based on the guidelines is the role of SEO. Some of the key areas the SEO works on were right usage of keywords, specific URLs, readability of content and clear mapping of the website.


How Does SEO Work?

When it comes to Web designing and maintaining websites, it needs constant work. And, this is the role of SEO. Content has to be revamped to remain in line with the guidelines required to ensure that the website’s ranking is increasing.

SEO helps to create a structure for websites with easy navigation options, ensure that it is responsive for convenience and optimize content with the right keywords and structuring.

These are some of the few key indicators that contribute to improving the ranking of a website amongst the many others. But, these are the areas that SEO Services in Chennai focus on to build up a website to consistently improve ranking.

On-Page SEO

With On-page SEO, specialists optimize the content that is found on the website. The content is subtly filled with keywords that have a direct effect in terms of ranking. With the success of On-page SEO , the website’s visibility will increase. The same can be extended in areas of creating user-friendly URLs and more.

Keyword Research:

This is the most important element when it comes to SEO. Conducting research using tools to ensure the right keywords are used to improve the quality of the website.


Page titles play a key role in allowing the user to identify content. These snippets allow the user to choose the website and search engine base on its ranking.

SEO Friendly URL:

URLs come with more than a function as a web link. SEO-friendly URLs improve ranking. It also allows users to build trust and eases the process of choosing the website.

Meta description:

A few characters under the title that appear on the results of the search engine. A strong, alluring and powerful Meta description will increase the number of clicks from search engines.


Heading tags are the main headings on the page. It holds that key element of the website allowing search engines to understand the content of the page.

Internal linking:

Another contributor to increasing ranking, internal linking indicates important content that should be focused on by search engines. It connects content from different web pages.

Duplicate Content:

This is a big no that will immensely bring down the ranking of the website. Duplicate content writing destroys the quality of the website. It should be replaced with unique content.

Off-page SEO

The main feature of off-page SEO is to improve ranking. The main goal of SEO is to work in the background to keep the website at the top of search engines. Off-page SEO  is the work that is done outside the website. External sources are used to link it to the website. One good example is social media pages and guest blogging. Off-page SEO indicates to search engines the importance of the website and it is deserving of a high ranking.

Backlink profile:

Backlinks add credibility to the website and this, in turn, allows search engine algorithms to understand the importance of the website and its connections to other websites.

Business Listing:

This is important for websites that aim to target the local audience. Listing businesses with various directories will redirect users to the website to avail services.


Creating more links that add connections between other websites, increases its credibility. Creating outreach strategies through other means improves ranking and visibility.

Local Citation:

Using local citations can assist if the business intends on targeting the local audience. It improves ranking on Google Maps. Improve the website ranking through local citations.

Paid Advertising:

Displaying ads based on the user’s history will allow the ads to be viewed by apt viewers. Paid ads can be used on social media marketing platforms to improve ranking.

Guest Blogging:

It allows your business to get an authoritative front amongst other websites. This allows the building of professional relations and brings exposure to a brand.

Social Sharing:

This plays an important role in reaching a larger audience, connecting with them and resulting in the building of a brand. This is done at the same time while building relations.

Technical SEO

This is the back-end work that needs to be completed to make sure the website tanks no. 1 on search engines. All the rules should be adhered to, to ensure that the website is in perfect alignment to match the algorithms. Technical SEO  works to generate organic traffic through various means.


When the content on the website matched the algorithm requirement, the pages are crawled by a bot to allow it to appear on search engines. The content is analyzed in this process.

Page loading Speed:

An important element that allows users to gain access to the website in a few seconds. This dictates the quality of the site. Any speed less than 3 seconds is that quality that should be aimed for.


The website should be responsive to the number of various displays available. With the majority of the users viewing websites on mobiles, it has to be optimized to be mobile-friendly.


Simple content with high readability with an average length of words will help in increasing visibility. A good content length with the right keywords will increase the ranking of the website.


The content that is written should bear in mind the target audience and their caliber to comprehend the content. Low readability is advisable.

Make sure to use HTTPS:

This will allow users to access your website with ease as it provides security and enhances trust. HTTPS adds safety to using websites to avoid the theft of information.

Check canonical tags:

This is a key indicator to assist content that states the difference between the pages that have original content and the ones that indicate duplicate content. It contributes to the progress of ranking.

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