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With everyone around you speaking about CryptoCurrency, from Elon musk to the guy next door, you must be wondering what it is all about. Here’s what it is. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized, virtual currency. And, at this point, if you understand the basics of how money works, you’ll understand that cryptocurrency is the safest buy. When we say decentralized, we are referring to the fact that it is free from government interference.

When we hear Crypto Currency, we hear Bitcoin, which is a limiting idea about CryptoCurrency.

How Does CryptoCurrency Works in 2022?

We will break it down to its core and help you understand Crypto Currency from its inception.

It is a virtual currency because we own it and its value, but we can’t physically possess it. Why Crypto? This could wade off people. It was rightfully called so because of the encrypted algorithm, public-key pairs, and hashing. Created by a programmer that went under the pseudo name of Satoshi Nakamoto, he brought a new angle to financial work, thus creating Bitcoin. What was the reason behind this? This was an attempt to bring the control of money into the hands of the people during the 2008 crisis. To get to the question you’ve been eagerly waiting for.

Should you invest in CryptoCurrency?

Well, it is a high risk but highly profitable at the same time. But then again, it is the same with any investment that you make. If you have a keen sense of observing the financial markets and understanding the rise and fall of the economy and are well-read in current political affairs, then trust your instinct and dive right in. This doesn’t mean that only experts should invest. You have influencerseconomists, and people with extensive knowledge who share their insight on the calculated results of a possible rise or fall in a CryptoCurrency.

That reminds us of an incident, remember Elon Musk playing around with Dogecoin?

A single tweet and the world went Dogecoin shopping. He did the same with Bitcoin as well. So, understanding the markets go way beyond the scope of the financial world. Here’s a fun fact, there are over 6000 Crypto Currencies in the world. Some of the few you would have heard of other than Bitcoin are EthereumDogecoinRipple, and Tether, to name a few.

How do you get a hold of a CryptoCurrency?

All you will have to do is use Crypto Exchanges such as CoinbaseCash AppBisq, and Binance. Of course, there’s more, but let’s stick to the commonly used ones.
An interested buyer will have to use one of these platforms to buy and sell CryptoCurrency. On signing up and registering with a trusted provider, use your currency such as USD to purchase a value of the CryptoCurrency. You will have direct access to view the volatility of the market as it rises and falls. In addition, these apps allow you to sell your Crypto Currency at any point out of your own accord.
People use Crypto Currency as a method to generate profits in both means of short term and long term.


If you think this article has given you insight, go ahead a dig a little deeper before you decide to spend all your savings on Crypto. Get the assistance of CryptoCurrency experts, they’re all around you.

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