Why Do People Think VR Technologies are a Good Idea?

With the changes in Facebook, the introduction of Meta and all the promising changes, there has been much talk about VR. So, people are sceptical of the fact that VR will keep people connected but disconnected at the same time. How? Well VR promises and allows you to reach places virtually while removing the human physical element to the factor. There are two ways of looking at it. One is – Wow! We are heading straight into the future and the other is – No way! We a moving forward but we are removing human elements.

Why Do People Think VR Technologies are a Good Idea

Every progress or change works in ways that could be built or destroyed when used in unequal proportions. But, the key element to new concepts, new ideologies or new technological advancements for that matter requires balance. A sense of middle ground should be maintained to ensure that technology brings a balance to the pre-existing life. Mazing Focus welcomes change, technological advancements and taking strides into the future. But, this is where we draw the line.

We believe in a sense of balance and the requirement for buoyancy to fully utilize the progress with maximum results.

So, to answer the question, why do people think VR Technologies are a good idea, well, in simple terms – it indicates progress.

Progress – how? We have listed the points in which we think that VR Technologies are definitely a good idea.

Creating a bridge between space and time

You no longer need to be physically present in any given area to be a part of an event or to experience something new. With the right gear and the basic knowledge of VR, you can be in places that you’ve always dreamed of without burning a hole in your pocket. VR infusion with innovative technology removes the idea of virtual reality as it turns it into reality.

Making more possible and removing geographical borders

Can’t make it to the board meeting in New York City but your presence is vital? Thanks to VR, you no longer have to take business meetings in big conference rooms. It can all be done from one location. With the increase in remote working and the changes, the world has witnessed, VR forums bring together a professional setup for people to work and converse in the business world.

Enhance the quality of life

VR allows individuals to experience a quality of life that reality has failed to offer. Experiencing certain things in life can be altered with VR. VR acts as a substitute for the limitations and the shortcomings of what the world of reality can offer. With VR, there is no more deprivation of the luxuries one would dream of.

But, here’s a buzzkill – hit the power button and with the snap of a finger, your experience of lounging in the Bahamas is gone.

Here are the cons as well. We will give you the facts about VR and allow you to choose from it.


When it comes to VR it is quite clear that everything that is being experienced isn’t reality. But, the human body and mind are unaware of the fact that this is a deception. And, it is far from reality. VR acts as a stimulus to various situations and experiences. This causes the dulling of one’s mental ability to cope with the constant fluctuation of reality vs virtual reality.


VR has been used as a method to escape reality, just as how watching movies had been in the past. But, when it comes to VR, the effects are rather drastic in comparison to a temporary outburst of a few tears. People have and will continue to escape the reality that is being aided by VR. Challenges will be dealt with as an escape.


It goes without saying that humans in order to be in the right frame of mind, needs to work in a way that brings them together. Isolation has never been the solution for humans. With VR, we see that there will be a lack of human interaction. This will allow people to seep back into their corners and engage in the world of VR rather than reality.


Mazing Focus once again reiterates that balance and equilibrium are needed to keep people grounded. We use the same as well in order to stay connected and informed. At the same time, Mazing Focus works to extract the best of technology and adapt to the changing times.

We are a part of the revolution into the future. Let us know how you perceive VR and the alterations it has made in time. Leave your comments below.

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