Another genius from India – Parag Agrawal takes the stand with Twitter

What does it mean for Twitter with Jack heading out the door? It means that another genius steps in, Parag Agrawal. While the Indians celebrate him, Twitter is as much. Mumbai’s very own Parag Agrawal was referred to as a safe pair of hands. But, the task that is ahead of him requires his complete and undivided focus to see it through.

India takes pride in his success and adds him to the list of CEOs from the top companies. That would include Microsoft, Google, IBM and the list goes on. An IITian, Parag started from very humble beginnings when he joined Twitter and he managed to climb up the ladder and catch up with the top peers of Twitter. Being the youngest, Parag Agrawal is no simple guy, he comes with a PhD degree in Computers from Stanford University. His skills and talent were recognised when he was a part of a major decision-making process that saved Twitter.

twitter new ceo parag agrawal

Let’s give Jack Dorsey, former CEO and founder, the credit he deserves as well. As the records state, Dorsey decided to step down from his position and made the announcement. Here’s what you can take from Jack. He knew that Parag Agrawal had what it takes to allow Twitter to rise to new heights. And, that is the leadership skill we should learn. Knowing when to step down and paving a path for another leader. The ability to understand that there is someone else, in this case, Parag, to take over for the benefit of the company is true leadership.

Now, What about Twitter and what is the future looking like with Parag involved?

Social Media has been on and on about this transition. India is raging about another Indian CEO, and the tweets are exploding. What next?

It is quite obvious that Twitter isn’t the go-to social media platform, it’s behind in many ways. So, the goal here is to change that and keep up with the rest of the Social Media platforms that are taking their ideas to new unimaginable levels. With this, the end goal is nothing but to reach a larger audience and make Twitter more accessible.

Here are a few reasons why you should get into Twitter under the leadership of Parag Agrawal.

  • It is going to be good for advertisers – Parag had been a part of the advertising and it is going to enter into a new phase.
  • More flexibility – The content from Twitter will soon allow you to view it from any social media marketing platform. For example, you can compare this to that of an email. It can be viewed despite where it is from another platform.

Parag was praised by his peers for the work he does, his leadership skills and his dedication to the company. Many believe that he was rightfully chosen to lead Twitter to progress in 2022.

Mazing Focus thrives on such news. We are constantly studying and analysing the world of Social Media. We love to decipher content and bring you the simplified version to keep you well informed. These changes within companies contribute greatly. Its impact is never fully understood until the aftermath in the future. Stay with us as we crack changes and analyse it before the rest does.

Drop your comments below to let us know what you think of the move and will Parag Agrawal be good for Twitter.

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