Twitter launches NFT profile picture authentication

In this article, we will discuss the topic of how Twitter launched NFT profile picture authentication. We will break it down into simple terms to help you understand what NFT is all about.

Twitter released its announcements on its platform about the release of NFT profile picture authentication. It was done as an amazingly creative ad that would have captured everyone’s attention. But, what is this all about and why should you know what it is?

twitter launch nft profile picture authentication

We are here to discuss this today and keep you informed of all the changes as we have promised.

What is NFT profile picture authentication?

So, with this change, Twitter allows a user to import NFTs from their crypto wallets and save them as their profile picture. To validate that it is authentic, the profile picture will be saved as a hexagon. If there is an identity theft where your NFT has been screenshot, then it will appear as a circle.

What is NFT in the first place?

It is blockchain ownership that allows you to attach it to physical or digital items. It has been very popular on social media where people can change their profile pictures.

Is it accessible to all?

No, there are only a few that have been rolled out so that it can be tried and evaluated if adding NFT profile picture authentication is a good idea. If you have an account with Twitter Blue then you have direct access to making this change. Twitter Blue would cost you about 3$ per month to access it.

Why is everyone talking about it?

In our previous posts, we discussed the changes Twitter was making to the role. One of those changes has been the acceptance of Bitcoin payments. Twitter is on its way to taking over and ensuring that it remains in the top leagues while bringing in innovation and changes. These are the important qualities, Twitter has lacked for a while.

What else should you know about NFTs?

Now, this is all about bragging about the NFTs you own. And, investing in NFTs is considered to be the most volatile of all the volatile investments. There were a lot of users who already owned NFT, and that is why Twitter allows you to link your blockchain wallet to it. On a general NFT that is owned, people had the option of right-clicking the image and then saving it.

But for Twitter, this is stealing. So, the feature of adding a hexagon around the authentic NFT is added, and a circle for the one that is not authentic.

Elon Musk is no fan of the linked NFT wallet and goes on to say that it is “annoying”. But, we do see Facebook and Google jumping onto the bandwagon to be included and keep up with the changing trends.


Some of us might still be questioning why Twitter would launch such a change. Well, this is a topic for another day. Stay with us for more content as we keep you updated with all the changes that are taking place in the digital and real world.

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