Toxicity of Social Media

There have been talks over the news about how important people are making statements questioning the agenda of social media. Leaders drill Social Media CEOs and question their actions. We hear society speaking of social media addiction, teens obsession with reels and Tik Tok, and older people’s need to connect with images. Yes, this is causing huge disintegration.

We are here to tackle an underlying issue to remove the negativity associated with Social Media and bring to light its benefits. Mazing Focus believes that every new technology that is given to mankind, if used in moderation will bring progress.

toxicity of social media

But is the problem Social Media? Or is the lack of individual self-control and discipline?

Mazing Focus believes that social media can change the world. Strong words, but it can and it does. We have watched it work wonders to

  • Connect people
  • Educate the masses
  • Bring businesses together

If this is not reason enough to praise Social Media, then here is a list that will assist you to look at the right reasons.

Stick with us until the end, we have a bonus pointer for you.

Why Social Media has been a gift to humanity?

Connects people making the world a global village

Gone are the international barriers. People now share culture, trends and heritage from one country to the other. This enhances the feeling of brotherhood bringing unity.

Efficient mode of communication

The real-time conversions we are able to have, especially since COVID-19 pushed us into the future with Google Meet and Zoom.

Builds bridges over man-made barriers

No walls can keep people apart. Social Media tears down these physical walls that countries build to keep them out.

Creates awareness of the world around

It brings to light the issues and highlights the need for change in different parts of the world. We saw how the world came together when the Amazon was on fire.

Sharing Cultures

Bollywood has been making it to the mainstream international media. Who would have thought? It is amazing how people share cultures and integrate them. Thus, resulting in harmony.

Educates the masses

Be it the fight against a social construct or the battle against our own selves. Social Media influencers and Motivational Leaders have made a huge impact.

In the business world

Creates a platform to build awareness

Businesses have been built on social media that have made it to the Fortune 500. With creativity and consistency businesses have grown.

Bridges physical distance

It bridges the gap that exists between the business and the customer. No more long call wait time, an instant message and you will have your answer.

The best market reach tool

Mazing Focus knows that the best tool to propagate a business is social media. What better way than Instagram or Facebook to reach the masses.

We know companies are slowly backing away from Social Media such as Lush, but it is a fight for social change. And, again we see how the power of Social Media has managed to contribute to change.

With every aspect, there are pros and there are cons. If the pros outweigh the cons then it’s a positive contributor. But, the true question lies here. Is Social Media the problem or is it you? Do you spend time mindlessly scrolling on Instagram, or do you keep watching one more cat video, sharing the most recent catastrophe to your long friend’s list?

Is it social media or is it you? Is it you who lacks the motivation to set priorities right, that you sit behind your phone rather than cook a good meal? Is it you who lacks the interest to pick up a book and read that you’d rather look at an image of someone else reading?

You get where we are heading at this. It is always YOU. Anything in moderation will end up delivering excellent results. Social Media has brought people together breaking border barriers, building businesses and causing nations to come together in times of crisis. It has brought more progress than destruction. It is vital to manage and conduct actions to ensure only the best is extracted from change rather than the worst.

Follow Mazing Focus for more eye-opening content. Watch as we work our way in the world making a difference through Social Media.

Let us know what you think in the comment section below. Keep in mind Social Media Marketing brings us together.

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