top tech blogs to follow in 2022

Billions of companies are fond of Technology as they use them every day. Many upcoming and internationally collaborated companies are struggling to keep up. This takes place in business sectors, especially when it comes to Technology news bloggers. And, perhaps, it’s quite difficult to stand first in this sector. Yet, we have a few who have managed to stay at the top despite all odds.

The Top Tech Companies that deal with blogs bring insightful tech content. They keep readers informed on the latest trends, developments and progress. They bring updated news every day through their publication to keep readers interested. They never failed to inspire us with their best ideas. We have the top three Tech-bloggers companies listed below.

#1 TechCrunch 

It is the top most popular blogger in technology founded by Michael Arrington. They dominate the field for the sole reason being – updated content. TechCrunch provides at least five new articles every day with ten category news lines. Their content is dynamic and grabs the customer’s curiosity. They mainly focus on followers’ requirements and enhance them with two-way communication. The team at TechCrunch provides its readers with credible content and innovative blogs.


Another to add to the list is Mashable, founded by Pete Cashmore in July 2005. They are ideal for Social Networks and Innovative company rankings. They equally indulge in other topics like music, video games, celebrities, and movies.

Mashable also provides many technical articles like TechCrunch on a basis. Initially, they started with publishing seven blogs a day. Now, with reference, the company produces triple the initial count in 2021. They never reuse technical content. They always come with new innovational tech blogs and articles.

Roger Cashmore stated in an interview regarding the love he had for writers. He stated that a writer who brings complex content in three paragraphs, in brief, is my favorite. It indicates that content that drags may easily bore the readers. In that way, Mashable highly focuses on intuition and neatness through their paper design.

#3 Xataka

The Xataka, a Spanish website, is a part of Weblog SL. Xataka is at the peak of all TechBlogger companies and it stands at the top. They extend their new technology browsers on the market through passionate and laborious content in a simple manner. They give interesting content on new gadgets and specifications in a fraction of seconds for the followers.

This grabs the follower’s attention by spotting out content on the latest technology in consumer electronics, reviewing blogs regarding smartphones, tabs, and much more gadgets. They show depth in research content for products back-to-back.

They provide meetings to welcome the new consumer technology participants to test their product in public before publishing it in the market. A passion for the future has already become a reality.


Quality content writing and the number of publications are the two pillars for a successful blog.


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