The Unicorns of 2021

Taking an idea and transforming it into a billion-dollar business takes more than just simple luck. It takes innovation, strategy and courage to see it through to the end. The stories behind these businesses are inspiring. There is a pool of inspiration behind their stories.

  • A motivational booster to venture into your ideas
  • To transform an idea into billion dollars
  • Or to simply look for an inspiring story to be inspired yourself

The Unicorns startups of 2021

Some of these companies happen to be a part of our everyday life. Their ideas have been so innovative that going back to how things were before is almost impossible. The numbers are countless. A simple spark to change the world transformed into an idea. That simple idea put to action resulted in a value of a billion dollars. We have these unicorn startups that have explored wide arenas.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • E-commerce
  • Fintech
  • Software Services
  • EdTech
  • Logistics

These are some of the areas around which these Unicorn Startups have managed to revolutionize the world.

We are picking out a few of our favorites that have managed to fascinate Mazing Focus.


We are Elon Musk’s biggest fans and therefore we give him our first preference. Either way, he is second on the list with a value of SpaceX being $100B. SpaceX is a company that is into the further. If you think you have sighted a UFO, don’t be too thrilled! It might be one of Elon’s rockets. They come with a total of 138 launches, 100 landing and 78 reflow rockets. That to a science geek would be a mind-blowing factor. If you aren’t one then here’s Mazing Focus asking you to be. He calls it spacefaring civilization.

Epic Games

This one is for all the gamers and the gamer in Mazing Focus as well. Known for their Fortnite games Epic Games has gone further. They allow you to purchase or play games online. It comes with almost 80 million users that connect people worldwide. Perfect for the introverted gamer. Get your computer out, pop on that gaming chair and get connected.


Another one of our favourites. Mazing Focus is going to let you in on a secret. Do you see those creative designs we make? It would be possible without Canva. Canva allows creative individuals who lack the knowledge of designer software to pursue their passion. They have a record of 7 billion designs with 190 countries as their top users. They believe in the same values as Mazing Focus – making complex things simple.


They bring together fashion and budget. Of course, just what the Chinese have been known for. SHEIN was not restricted to limiting areas. They had managed to target the European markets expanding beyond simple apparel from cosmetics, shoes and accessories. They worked with bringing fashion worldwide. SHEIN is the perfect example of the success of an E-commerce digital marketing business.


We can not live without Grammarly and let alone run a business. We are no grammar gurus but thanks to Grammarly we are. Grammarly bridges the gap between the communication. Their scope was to assist people to understand each other. The astonishing factor is the results are instant. No wait or loading time. They provide assistance to 30 million people and Mazing Focus is one in that million.


These are our top favourites. Some we have utilized, some we have simply admired. Mazing Focus is a tech fan. We love the innovation the 21st century brings. And, like we always say, we plan to bring the same to you. We wish to assist you in breaking down complexity to simplicity just as Canva states.

Leave your comments in the section below to let us know which Unicorn startups have transformed the manner in which it transformed your life.

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