The first step to mental well being Run

So everyone is talking about being happy and cheerful but never how to do it and very often we fail to give importance to our mental health. Have we ever made a conscious effort to dig deep into why we should give mental health importance or how does it even impact our lives and the science that’s working in the background? Don’t sweat it! We’ve done the digging and researching for you. So here’s to you stepping into your new path to mental well-being.

Everywhere we turn people are battling to get through every second let alone a day and have you ever wondered how the previous generation managed to juggle so much without going through a nervous breakdown or existential crisis. They sure did give ample importance to the things we fail to give importance to. Mazing Focus is happy to be a part of your journey. If you are here you are a step closer to figuring a way to get your life back on track. Let us get right to it.

Let’s begin with PHYSICAL FITNESS for today.

Sounds cliché?

This very day can be the first day of your new life.


Don’t let the idea of a workout compel you to close the page and leave. Here is a break-up on how a few minutes of physical activity can add value to your mental health.

Exercise is the key to a happy life. We’ve sure you are wondering as to how something physical can affect the mind. When your body is performing physical activity such as a workout, there is a release of endorphins. It is a group of hormones secreted within the brain and nervous system that contributes to the uplifting of spirits and makes you feel all happy and light. It also relieves you of pain and stress. That’s one way into tricking yourself into feeling good.

A good run in the morning gives you some alone time to get your head together and clear out the unwanted negative thoughts and voices that bring your spirits down. We all very often go through one phase in life that either breaks us or makes us. You don’t need a hi-tech fancy gym, it doesn’t matter. Put on your runners and hit the road. Besides a bit of exposure to the morning sun are another aspect that can lift your spirits up and nothing like a bit of Vitamin D.


A quick pointer – the first week is hard. Your muscles will hurt, getting out of bed is a task, your bed will feel even more comfortable but we dare you to fight it and don’t give in. Tell yourself that this is your first step into progress. You get through week one and the rest of it is a piece of cake. It would become habitual but your body and mind will crave it because running and rising along with the sun is liberating.

Start small if you need to. Begin with a walk. Then, gradually push yourself for a jog and in time you will grow to run like you’re liberated. It is about liberating the body, mind and spirit. Small daily habits lead to life altering changes.

Good luck with your new journey of progress. Mazing Focus is thrilled to be a part of a healthy lifestyle. Leave your story below; we are waiting to be inspired. 

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