Step up this 2022 with change

With the New Year of 2022 approaching near, are you ready to step it up?

In association with the previous article on resolution, here we discuss on you could implement those resolutions. Breaking them down and simplifying them makes it easier to accomplish. Remove the notion of failed resolution and believe that this year is yours.

Here are some ways in which you could implement your resolutions with a higher success

step up this 2022 with change


Go back to 2021. Go back to the plans made last year. Analyze them. Check the one’s that you’ve managed to accomplish and the one’s you’ve managed to disregard. Nevertheless, applaud yourself for the one’s kept. You deserve it. Now, moving back to the one’s you’ve disregarded. Let’s break them down. Beside each resolution draw out two columns – write down why you’ve accomplished the resolution and why you haven’t, respectively. Furthermore, write down why you disregarded it and how you plan on seeing it through.

Use the 20/20/20 rule

It takes a complete 60 days to accomplish a habit and to turn it into a pattern. Once an action has turned into a habit, it will no longer remain a task but instead, it will turn automotive. This 20/20/20 rule is the proven method of Robin Sharma. The first 20 days will be the days you lay the foundation. You will be pumped up to enforce a new habit and highly motivated. But, you will see it deteriorate towards the end. This is where you push through. The next 20 days are the most challenging. You must push through. Remind yourself of why you started and get to the next 20 days. You are now getting into a phase where it’s almost turning into a habit.

If it is the habit of reading you wish to develop – begin a page for a day.

Stay real:

When choosing the change you wish to make, the resolutions implemented must be realistic. Calculate and decide based on your ability the areas you could work on and the areas that you may not. Setting unrealistic goals and failure to see it through would lower confidence and self-esteem. This will in turn lower your success rate in inculcating change.

Declutter trash

Declutter yourself and your surrounding. With your New year’s 2022 plans in place move over to the next place. The first step before New Year’s is to declutter your head. Declutter all the trash, all the unspoken arguments, the anger, let it all go. Write it down on a piece of paper and chuck it out the window. Clutter and mess will do you no good. It’s garbage to the mind. Throw it out the window. Unwanted thoughts, unresolved issues, a messy living room and an overcrowded closet – it is time to go.

Make a reading list

Readers have an open perspective of the world. Make a list of the knowledge you wish to gain. Choose from a wide genre of self-development, psychology. Romantic fiction, poetry, history, sci-fi and more. The list is neverending. If you haven’t picked up a book in all these years, then this is your cue. Pick up a book. It’s a world of its own out there.

Learn something new

Include a sport. It can be an indoor or an outdoor sport. We will leave the choice to you. Learn a new language – choose from German, French or Korean. Or you could just start a new habit that will contribute to your growth. These changes will help you feel refreshed, stay excited in turn you learn something new.

Some of the areas you could start are as below.

  • Set a routine
  • Build atomic habits
  • Eat clean
  • Get fit
  • Calm yourself
  • And always do your best.

These simple everyday actions will take you a long way. Mazing Focus is invested in your growth and development. We want the year 2022 to be phenomenal for you.


As we always state. Growth for you is progress for us. Stay tuned for more. Meanwhile, leave us your comments below to let us know how you are getting on with your plans for 2022.

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