Did you jump out of bed this Monday morning?

In our previous article, we spoke about beating the Monday blues. But, why do we look at Monday’s with a negative attitude? It’s a global concept where people dread to make it to the office on the first day of the week. We also see that some people go to the extent of missing out on the first day of work. This in turn results in a chain reaction that sends things spiralling downwards, at the office as well as for you. You will have some explaining to do the next day.

What’s the reason behind it all? Why does one dread Monday’s rather than dive into the week with a mindset to achieve?

monday motivation

Lack of purpose and passion

People choose careers or jobs that they are unhappy in. So, getting to work done is a drag. If you’re an Executive in a company behind a desk performing a mundane task, of course, you would dread it. But we put ourselves in these places to get by life and not live it to the fullest.

What to do?

It’s never too late to start over. Here are a few examples. Jack Ma at 35, Stan Lee at 39, Vera Wang at 40, Sam Walton at 44, and the list goes on. All made it in time either in their midlife or some almost reaching their end. Find what will make you jump out of bed and sprint to work rather than dreading it.

Immediate gratification

Immediate gratification or immediate results is a concept that is trending. There is nothing wrong with it. But, expecting immediate gratification results in short-sightedness. This will blur your vision for the future. Let’s recall your weekend, binge-watched Netflix, overslept, and ordered in? You would justify it by saying you need a break, but this is no break. These are steps that you are consciously making to push you back down the road of progress.

What to do?

Stop with the Netflix and take-outs. If you are looking for a break, cook a meal, exercise, take a walk or pick up a book and read. These are activities that will calm you down and give you the true break you deserve.

Align your goals

Without a 10-year plan, 5-year plan, 1-year plan or a month’s plan, your life will surely spiral downwards. If your actions are not thought off or meditated on, be sure to endure the worse. Set your personal and career goals in line. Let them complement each other. With this, you would be complaining a bit much about your health, your unhealthy lifestyle, your dreadful job and the list will go on.

What to do?

Take action. Take control of all that you do. Make sure you know what your next actions are going to be. Plans don’t always work accordingly at least on hard days you will have a direction to move towards and you will know exactly how to push through. Why? It is because you have your priorities sorted out.

This may not seem like much but you should stop and ask yourself if you have all the above in place.

Do you love your job?
Is your job in line with your career plans?
Are you happy to wake up and head out today?
Do you know what you plan on achieving in the next 5 years?

If you are unable to answer these simple yet deep questions, then you need to act now. To lead a life of quality one should be aware of all the above. So, take inventory right away and watch how you will automatically revamp your actions. You will begin to align them towards growth and success.

Take inventory, evaluate and rectify. This will take you a long way. Mazing Focus believes that an individual should take himself seriously for others to do the same. Carry yourself with poise and a spirit of knowledge, have your plans laid out and watch your life transform.

Share with us your analysis of yourself. We would love to see the results.

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