Monday Motivation is take the elevator

Welcome back to our Monday Motivation series of cracking the week one action at a time.

So, we’re through with the Monday Blues, we’ve managed to take our week on by pre-planning and mental detox and we’re ready to take on the day. We’re all pumped up, jumped into the week but when we get to the office reality hits us.

Some of us might dread it, some of us might leave this morning’s enthusiasm at the door. Mazing Focus has you covered as always. Here’s a 5 step guide to break the ceiling at work and outshine. Once you’re through with this you will step into the office with an ump in your step, a smile on your face and a burning vigour to accomplish and deliver.

monday motivation take the elevator

Step in with a positive mental attitude

If you are going to dread work, then the entire day will be dreaded. Break out of it! Tackle the underlining issue. Are you happy doing what you’re doing? This is where you should ask yourself the most important question.

  • Why am I here?
  • What is my motive?
  • Do I want to shine or sink?
  • If I want to shine, do my actions match it?

Begin with yourself. Understand that you are here for a purpose. Get to the desk 5 minutes early and affirm that you will do your best today and that you will succeed in all that you do.

Decide to do more than you are paid for

A limiting belief that we often comply with is the fact that we often say that it is not our job, we’re not paid to do it, that’s not my area. That is a limiting worker mentality. You aren’t workers, you are a genius who has chosen this space to shine professionally.

Carry with you the desire to over-deliver and over perform. Not for the benefit of the company but for the benefit of self. This will allow you to grow to new heights from within. With the next appraisals coming up, you will be the first one to pop up in the boss’s mind.

Go the extra mile.

Give to give, never to get

We often resist giving with a mentality that the more we give the lesser we have. If you have been working with that mindset then you’re wrong. The more you give, the more space you’re creating to receive.

What does this have to do with the office?

Give compliments if you need to, tap a colleague on the shoulder and share an encouraging word, or you could offer to share your expertise in an area that they lack. Working together to lift each other will do you more good than harm.

Go on and make a move to offer to do more than what is expected of you.

Working together to grow together

This brings us to the concept of teamwork. It is vital to work together in order to reach a common goal. That is a success. Success for you as an individual, success for your work neighbour or success for the company – they all go hand in hand.

Playing together for collective progress contributes and elevates you to great unimaginable heights.

Come together to comply by difference and acceptance that you are here to grow as an individual and as a group.

Result-oriented actions

All actions should be aligned in order to produce results. We are all here at the end of the day to deliver successfully on our skills and to enhance growth. Work not for the sake of it, but for the sake of results. With this as your guiding factor, every strategy or idea put into place will be goal-oriented and result-oriented.

Set your priorities straight. Go the extra mile and watch how the ladder is now transformed into an elevator.

You will be pushed to the top to rise above the rest and take a few leaps further towards the road to success.


Mazing Focus strives to live by these principles. We create environments designed to bring growth and reach goals.

We promised to hold your hand through the process. So, here it is.

Take this up for a week and let us know the progress you’ve made.

Leave your comments below and let us know how far up the elevator you’ve gone.

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