Monday Motivation Bring color back with a mental detox

If you have read our blog from last week, you sure would have kicked the Monday Blues out the door. It is good to see you here on our Monday Motivation series. If you are here, you have taken the first step towards improving yourself. You are invested in yourself and your growth. So, what do we have for you this Monday?

We are listing out the top 3 categories that are causing your life to be drained out of colour and joy. These acts might seem simple. But, over a period of time, we see that the issue gets darker and darker until there is no way out.

Monday Motivation - Bring color back with a mental detox

Binge-Watching Netflix

For every episode you watch, there is someone out there mastering a task in your very same field. What does this mean? You have just pushed back into the line. It can be a job, a skill or even something you desire. Mazing Focus loves movies and series, but with moderation. Netflix’s successful strategy to ensure that you binge over the weekend has caused larger damage than you can imagine. Consistent exposure to pseudo-reality alters the state of the mind. Go on a detox to remove the clutter of a virtual reality that doesn’t exist.

Excessive Social Media

Download an app to check the number of times you unlock your phone. We’ve checked ours and on average, we have unlocked our mobiles more than a hundred times. Track your usage. We have all aimlessly scrolled through social media marketing, watching reel after reel, post after post, double-tapping, sharing and so on. Mazing Focus is all for the growth and benefits one can experience when it comes to using Social Media, but when there is no control over the usage, then be sure to get the worst out of it.

Meaningless relationships

How many of you are a part of a clique that hang on the weekends. But, when you need a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on the clique disappears. Hanging out on the weekends to have meaningless interaction, celebrity gossip, what’s in and what’s not are deeds that will dull you and break your spirit. Remove yourself for a few weekends and you will see the one’s who would care. And, those are the one’s who you surround yourself with. If people around you don’t offer you a guiding light, a helping hand or an encouraging word, then it’s time you no longer are needed there.

Look for places that bring growth. Growth in terms of improving yourself, providing you guidance to stay true to yourself, advice on career growth and most of all to provide redirection when you lose your way.

Our circle at Mazing Focus is small but filled with depth. We believe in quality Content writing rather than quantity.

So, how do you apply this change without much damage? There is no easy way, there will be damage. But a temporary setback is fine. It is better to handle it now rather than continue that will cause destruction for a lifetime.

1. Uninstall social media.

We aren’t asking you to delete your account permanently. We urge you to take a break and detox. Cleanse the mind of digital traffic and watch the calm that will dawn upon you

After a week, you should take inventory

  • Check the pages you follow – remove all that fails to bring growth.
  • Look for better accounts to follow – use hashtags to find the right ones. (For example – #mondaymotivation #selfdevelopment #mentalhealth)
  • Be mindful of what you share.

2. Uninstall or log out of your Netflix account

  • Take a week’s break from the series you have been watching
  • It is quite entertaining but you must take a break.
  • Once you are back, after the detox, take inventory.
  • Ask yourself these questions
  • Does this movie/series add value to my life?
  • What do I learn from these series?
  • What values can I take out of it?
  • Is it helping me build knowledge?

Now you know how to pick your series. Add value and meaning to the life you build.

3. Delete the clique

Get away from that circle that cause your mental and emotional drain. This might mean that you will be alone for a few days. Embrace it.

Use this time to

  • Introspect
  • Set your priorities right
  • Slowly but steady nurture relationships
  • Only take the good and discard the bad.

This is your wake up call. Wake up and smell the coffee. It is time for a change. Transformations and transitions have been a part of Mazing Focus. We take inventory, apply new tactics and then, lead a better and fuller life.

Change is a key element in everyday actions. It can be within one’s self, in the environment,  in time, preference, the list is never-ending. If you despise change then life is a challenge. Take it up, embrace it and accept it. Life couldn’t get easier.

Let us know if this Monday Motivational blog helped you find yourself again. Type Yes in the comment section below.


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