Miss Universe 2021 – Harnaaz Sandhu – Why should you be interested?

We are here to bring you the bright side of the Miss Universe beauty pageant. For those who are aware of who this year’s Miss Universe is but have no clue about the working of these beauty pageants, then we are here to break it down for you. But, let’s give Harnaaz Sandhu the credit she deserves for making it to the top. Making it while in competition with top individuals globally. The Miss Universe contest was held in the land that has the top combination of beauty and brains, Israel.

miss universe 2021 harnaaz sandhu

Harnaaz Sandhu, an Indian model, 21, who shone so bright that they decided to give the Miss Universe 2021 title. To Harnaaz Sandhu this was not the first win, but it sure was the biggest of her wins. What does this mean for Harnaaz Sandhu? She now has the responsibility to use this fame and this limelight to usher change. It doesn’t necessarily mean that she needs to but Indian pageant winners have used their fame in the past to bring change and shine a light on issues that need attention.

Harnaaz Sandhu is a strong female figure all young Indian girls could learn from. She is an example of breaking stereotypes and crashing the glass ceiling. She came from no privileged background. She came from a fight and who was her pillar, her mother. And as women of strength, together they smashed patriarchy. After her big win, she will now stand for the empowerment of women, educations of the girl child and building encouragement for strong career goals.

Pageant – why?

We know that some of you despise these pageants for the symbol it stands for and the toxicity that goes behind it. But, Mazing Focus is here for the bright side. But, this is a forum that creates a platform that allows women to showcase their intelligence, culture and heritage. We get to watch women hold on to their self-esteem and confidence. All this is done with a sense of balance to stay grounded while they shine.

What is our takeaway?

The concept is mesmerizing. We look at beautiful individuals, both from within and out coming together to shine. While we watch the spotlight on Harnaaz Sandhu we see every other contestant’s face lighting up with joy. The entire focus remained not on the fact that they lost instead on their fellow contestant, Harnaaz Sandhu’s has won.

Cheers others on

This will take you a long way. Cheering and cherishing the win of a neighbour or college is something we should begin to practice. As in giving you get, in giving you create space for more and give only for the sake of giving.


Mazing Focus follows trends and news from around the globe. We promised to bring you content that will keep you informed. And, while we do that we would also love to keep you growing as bigger, stronger and better individuals.

Let us know what you think about Harnaaz Sandhu’s win and what it means for the women from India.

Stay tuned for more interesting content from around the globe.

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