Make Black Friday boom with Online Marketing

With Black Friday 2021 (November 26) coming up, how can your business make the best of it? We’re sure you have heard about the craze of Black Friday, or you could have been a part of it as well.

As amazing as it sounds, we know the damaging effects of Black Friday Deals. So, how do we maximize and utilize the potential of Black Friday yet leave the damages to a minimum?

black friday sale with online marketing

How about we take the Black Friday sale online?

Have a website and social media pages? If yes, what are you waiting for?

Let’s take this Black Friday sale online!

Here are 5 tips on how you can make the best use of Black Friday using your website, social media pages, email marketing and everything else. Let us know how it goes in the comment section below.

Be the first to begin

Start early. If you haven’t begun the work yet, get to it right away. Start with your website. Create an attractive landing page. Make sure it pops out. Introduce the black Friday sale but don’t reveal the details of it. Hold back and build the anticipation. Put up your best products on display.

Make sure the landing page is flashy and grabs the attention of the viewers. Quality content with the tactic of anticipation will leave them anxious.

Build anticipation

Use email marketing and social media to keep your users or subscribers informed. Reveal a little but not too much. Let them know you are in with this year’s Black Friday sale. Drop subtle hints on the products that will be on sale. Build anticipation. It is the best digital marketing tactic, an age-old trick that still works today.

Be sure to keep the emails and the posts coming. Make them interactive, make trendy reels and post stories on Instagram.

Make it worth their while

While all the promotions are taking place through your website and social media pages don’t downplay the results. Make sure that your users get a good bargain after all the waiting. We don’t want to leave them disappointed. Make good deals and combos to ensure that they feel valued in return for their loyalty.

Use Social Media pages such as Instagram and Facebook to reveal combos and offers.

Drop a few surprise bombs

Leave them small surprises here and there even before the day. While you have their attention, let them make a few purchases. To allure them into getting your products, leave gift cards, giveaways, discounts or freebies. With the idea of Black Friday as well as the holidays being around the corner and so many gifts to share, people would not mind a decent discount.

Make alluring combos that they cannot pass over. Bombard their Insta pages and fill in their feeds. To them, it is a win situation to grab a deal before Black Friday.

Start a campaign and stand out

Don’t follow the herd, make sure to be different. Represent yourself in the best way and make sure that you are here to make a change. Rally a campaign, and stand for a cause. With this, your users will develop an emotional attachment to your brand while allowing you to serve humanity.

Use all mediums that you have. Post reels on Instagram, stories on Facebook, join the trending hashtag #blackfriday on Twitter and find a way to stay connected.

Black Friday will make its way next year and the year after that. If you have managed to use this strategy to make the most of this sale, simply do the same the next year as well. You have cracked the code to the Black Friday sales.

Mazing Focus is keen on hearing how this goes. Start your work right away. Write to us to help us assist you in breaking down these tactics furthermore. We are glad to assist.

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