Is Motivation a necessity

Welcoming on board to reality. Ever wondered how Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and Jeff Bezos made it to the top? If you had convinced yourself to believe that luck shook hands with them, then we’re sorry to burst your bubble. It was the power of motivation.

Turning a good thought into instantaneous action is what motivation does.

It is quite impossible to complete a task successfully without motivation. A synonym for purpose is motivation. But motivation has immense power. A self-motivated person’s actions are made up of enhanced wellbeing, confidence, growth, consistency, and willpower.

Read more in detail to understand Why it is important to stay motivated’.

Is Motivation a necessity


Motivation gives you the desire and perseverance to change your life for the better. It builds determination to achieve anything you wish for. Constant motivation can drive you up the ladder to success. However, it is normal for humans to lack motivation from time to time. It is oppression to sabotage yourself on days you don’t find motivation. On days like this, it is normal to function without motivation. Cut yourself some slack and stream on to some motivational podcast that builds back your determination.

Never let the spark of reaching great heights die, do whatever it takes but never give up. Stay consistent and see it through all seasons.

How to Stay Motivated?

  • First, start with writing down a set of goals and paste it somewhere where you can see it often.
  • Start with working towards one goal at a time. Develop new habits to keep the momentum.
  • Alter your routine and design it in alignment with your goals.
  • When you feel a lack of motivation, give yourself positive self-talk and keep moving forward.
  • Set a to-do list for each day and complete tasks. It is okay to celebrate small wins but it’s always better to wait to celebrate the big wins.

Our bodies release dopamine when the brain is expecting a reward. High levels of dopamine can result in feelings of euphoria, motivation, and concentration. Dopamine chemical plays a vital role in making us feel motivated.

How can motivation change your life?

Yes, change is hard but change is also phenomenal. Change takes time but it is possible. Not enough time, not enough energy, and not enough money! None of these factors should hold you back from reaching new heights. The famous people that we spoke about earlier in this blog, didn’t sit and complain about what they didn’t have but instead, they choose to be optimistic. An individual with big dreams and goals will not let excuses come in the alley to success. Once you’ve found motivation, you’ll find purpose. Your perspective on life will change.

You will start recognizing the good in every situation. You will grab every opportunity and make the best of it. Success becomes an addiction and there’s no turning back.

Opportunities tap your door once if you are lucky enough twice, but to walk away from the opportunity due to lack of motivation is paralyzing. Quit the passive attitude, if you want to be the next Jeff Bezos. Seize the moment and pretend to be a successful version of yourself, until it becomes your reality. Grind now so you can shine later.

Mazing Focus is driven by the idea to deliver content that will elevate your actions. We are dedicated to ensuring that you apply life’s success formula. Why should you count on us? Well, we have managed to reach a few heights and cross a few obstacles. Why walk the same path and learn from mistakes. We’ve done that for you already. We share our wisdom on life from trial, error and rectification.

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