Independence Day, 2022 – Are We truly Independent?

India commemorates its independence on August 15 each year, having achieved its freedom from British domination on this day in 1947. Stay with Our Web design Company in Chennai as we celebrate independence, reminiscing about the past, the legacy, and the birth of a new India. What does the day mean for many, and why should we recall history—to remember where we came from?

Independence Day, 2022 - are we truly independent?

An honour to our freedom fighters

On Independence Day, in particular, we remember our freedom fighters, as they were the ones who sacrificed their lives in the fight for freedom. Freedom that goes beyond political means. This day holds high value as we have a sole occasion to remember the nation’s martyrs. Additionally, it is the day we forget all of our cultural differences and unite as one true Indian family.

A reminder of patriotism

The youth of India have the power to transform the country. Indeed, the younger generation is what the future depends on. Thus, serving the responsibility to serve the country and doing all in our power to improve it is in the hands of the youth. Making our young informed is one of the key goals of the Independence Day celebration, thus paving the way for the future.

Independence 2022—what should it mean?

In a world where people are defined by geographical boundaries, cultural and linguistic differences, preferences, and more are defining factors that bring people together. But there has been an immense shift, making India a multicultural land, both native and foreign.
It is a day to celebrate the future, remember the repercussions of violence and loss, and learn from the past to harbour peace and unity against violence and division.

Are we truly independent?

Enslaved to materialism, running the race and forgetting the objective reminds us on this auspicious day that we are truly not free. As we walk around with the shackles of modernisation around our ankles, we forget the true essence of it all. Today is a reminder to ask yourself—am I truly free?


This Independence Day 2022, embrace difference, change the world, and leave a better mark for the future should all be part of the celebration. A reminder that the world is evolving, geographical barriers, linguistic differences, and cultural peculiarities are elements of the past and celebrate the core factor of the country’s unity in diversity,

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