The Importance of Content Marketing

With the recent changes that Google rolled out, digital marketing service providers had to rethink the way content is written. It is important to understand how digital marketing agencies write their content. If you blindly handed over your website, the content and social media into the hands of an agency and never monitor the content being posted, then there is a high possibility that your business can be misrepresented.

There is no doubt that marketing agencies work for your growth as growth and progress for your business is the same for them. Therefore, it is in the very rare cases we find it taking a turn for the worst. But, misrepresentation is something that commonly takes palace.

the importance of content marketing

Before you hand over your business’s online areas to a  digital marketing agency in Chennai, ensure that you lay down the idea of your business, the core values, your services and all that your business stands for. With this information shared, it becomes easier for the writers and the designers to work in line with your ideas.

With this set straight, we are here to give you the dos and don’ts of written content marketing.

For the millionth time, we are stating that a website is the face of your business that represents your service and values. The visual content will allure viewers but when it comes to retaining their attention it should be done with written content.

What should your content possess?

  • The writing should be captivating. Create content that will single out the reader and add a sense of individuality to it. Who doesn’t like to feel special?
  • Always add a hook to the beginning of the sentence. This will cause the reader to be intrigued. Create a captivating statement.
  • Ensure that the writing is factual. The website should be the last point to gain information and doesn’t require to be cross-checked.

These are the basics but where does the danger lie?

When content is scattered, plagiarized or replicated, Google chucks it out the door.

Open your business website and check off these questions.

  • Is the content genuine?
  • Does it possess any plagiarized content?
  • Is it aligned with discipline and order?
  • Is the tone set for a neutral audience?

There’s more. But you get our drift.

Free Your Content of Errors

This is one of the major hiccups that diminishes the quality of the website. No plagiarized content, remove copied and replicated content. Create content that will keep the readers hanging on to every word.

Grammatical errors

When it comes to creating English content some tools assist in rectifying grammatical errors but the AI tool comes with limitations that stick to the rules of grammar and fails to identify human errors. So, the writer will have to be fluent in the language and possess strong grammar skills.

Chaotic Sentence structuring

Haphazard sentences are a big no-no. Chaotic sentences that hid the simplicity of the language will leave the reader confused. Short, crisp and simple sentences are more than enough to get a message across. If the writer plans on complexity, it will end up confusing the writer and the reader.

A jumbled format

Excellent writing, crisp sentences and intriguing words but a jumbled piece is another big no. It is important to add disciple to writing. Creating an organized structure, dividing topics and placing them perfectly in the right part of the content is important.

Anything other than this will get your ranking to decrease by the day. If your goal is to reach #1 in ranking, then work on all the areas mentioned above. Also, note that change is needed. Of course, the content created is the most brilliant in its raw form, but constant editing and revamping are as necessary.

Mazing Focus is fascinated with the world of words. We love how we can play around it to create content writing that will assist our readers.

Give us your analysis of our  Web Design Company in Chennai and tell me if we fall in line.

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