How to Write a Blog?

Everyone has a writer in them, all that is needed is the art of harnessing this skill or a simple step by step guide.

how to write a blog

How to Start a blog For beginners?

Mazing Focus would like to bring you content that allows you to upgrade and revamp skills at the same time keeping you in the loop on what is happening in the world. Often our heads reel with ideas yet words continue to fail us time and time again. We got your back here. Check out the steps below. It is a step by step guide that takes you through the journey of how to write a blog. Mazing Focus is thrilled to be a part of the journey as you take your first steps as a Blogger.

Pick a topic

Do your background work. Be quick with your searches. Google Search is filled with tools. Type in a few interesting ideas and it will generate a title for your blog. Ensure that it is relevant and choose the right keywords.

Understand the topic and conduct research

Do a general search to get an idea about the topic. Check out the top five pages. Read through the content and allow it to synchronise with your ideas.

Understand your audience

Understand who you are writing for and then set the tone. Ask yourself should be casual or formal? Consider location, age factor, gender and preference.

Looking at competitor websites

Analyse how they’ve written their website and the keywords used. As they are doing something right to rank no.1.

Create a hook

Start with a question or an intriguing statement. You can create lists as well – Top 5 reasons why…… 10 steps to finding a good Digital Marketing Company in Chennai…..Make sure the headings are catchy and they surmise the internal content.

Create a structure for your blog

This will bring order. Introduce the title, give a detailed breakdown in points and conclusion. Content created in this manner will have the reader waiting for the end, eager to note the conclusion of the writer. As a reward for getting through the content, throw in a bonus pointer.

Reread your work after a few minutes

Give it a break and read the masterpiece that you have created after some time to check sentence structure, proper insertion of keywords, grammar and finally check if the content you have created is free of error.

Run it through checks

Run it through a few checks – Grammar, plagiarism and readability. Never publish your blogs without performing these checks. You will be surprised as to how much better your writing could be. Use tools such as Grammarly, Hemmingway, and Dupli Checker to check your work. The web is filled with countless tools.

People are filled with so many ideas yet lack to skill to share them. A bit of disciplined thinking and a skill to use and bend words is all it takes to get the idea into the open.

So, if you have been thinking about writing content to pour out your ideas to the world here’s your cue to begin. Mazing focus is thrilled to be a part of your journey down the road to writing creative and successful content. We would like to add that it doesn’t stop with one blog. The key to success with writing blogs is consistency and remodelling. Work and rework, create and recreate, the journey is a learning process. This is our bonus pointer to you.

Stay tuned for more tips on blogging and other interesting titles you need to know.

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