How to Love your Job?

Welcome back to our Monday Motivation series. Today, we are here to discuss the most asked question, “Are you happy with your job?” In this article, we will be discussing ways in which you will be able to introspect and ask the right questions and then find the answer to the question – How to love your job?

Are you a part of the 9 to 6, clocking in and clocking out every day and being a part of the rat race? Every day you step into the office, but do you do it with delight or with dread? Are you thrilled to sit at your desk for hours, completing monotonous tasks and battling to meet deadlines? Well, it almost sounds like work is a war zone.

how to love your job

Mazing Focus is here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. You can work for yourself or you can work for the biggest MNCs and still love your job.

Is your job your passion?

If the answer is no, then this is the first area of importance. If you do not love what you do and if there is no passion or oomph to do what you do, no wonder you hate it at the office. We don’t mean that you should up and leave. It is a process. Start to understand if you can find alternatives at work or if you could build a side hustle.

Are you giving it your best?

The next question you should be asking yourself is whether you are giving 100% at the office or if you are the person that takes toilet breaks and social media breaks every half hour. If you don’t give it your all, you are not going to excel in your work. In turn, this will turn into a dreadful act.

Are you looking for opportunities to grow?

We have witnessed a shift where employers have developed an interest in the growth of the employees. It is a win-win situation and it lowers the attrition rates. Either way, are you in the right departments? Look for internal projects that you could be part of and hone your skills to contribute more and move towards your professional growth.

Are you motivated to grow?

If we have said all those things above and you have no interest to grow, then you are in trouble. Why would you want to move if that corner in the office is comfortable and it adds a bit of financial stability? But, you will see that eventually, you will grow to be resentful of stepping into the office. Get out of that corner and push yourself to do more.

After you have managed to relate to the above questions, introspect and find the areas that you need to grow from. Make sure you are the first in line to accept a challenge. Be the one to take up the new project. Accept the opportunities that are provided to you at the office. Take a course and add a new set of skills to your professional self.

Stagnation and monotony are the dooms of today’s professional world. Break the chain and lead in your field. If that is not for you, then find your area of passion.


Mazing Focus is vested in your growth, are you? Follow us for more content on how you can be your better self.

Leave your comments in the section below and let us know if you love your job.

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