How to fix your data quality problem?

Data quality is every professional’s priority, and it is so for good reason. In this article, we discuss the answer to the question of how to fix your data quality problems and simultaneously discuss the effects low-quality data can have on a business. Stay with us to the end to learn how to resolve data quality issues.

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How to fix your data quality problem?Data quality

Data quality has been at the top of every business owner, manager, and executive’s list to look into the present condition and make decisions that will affect the future. Data is often used to interpret the present and the future. The numbers are studied and analyzed, and decisions are made. How scary it might seem to use erroneous data in decision-making!

Because bad data has such a negative and direct effect when decisions are made, it is taken far more seriously. Having data in order can eliminate a string of issues that could result in irreparable damage. Thus, it is vital to check the health and reliability of data.

Businesses invest time, money, and resources in purchasing solutions and setting up teams to manage all this infrastructure in the hopes of becoming a well-oiled, data-driven machine someday. However, data errors may emerge at any point in the pipeline, from intake to insights. Furthermore, basic row counts, ad hoc scripts, and even common data quality practices upon ingestion just won’t do.

Downtime for data

Data downtime, or instances when your data is inaccurate, incomplete, or damaged, is both the largest critical problem in your data ecosystem and the key to fully evaluating your data quality. Data outages can result in lost time, bad judgment, and, perhaps most importantly, a loss of income and consumer confidence.

Data observability

We need to look beyond data quality in order to realize the full potential of your data. No matter where it is, we need to make sure that the data is accurate and trustworthy. And the only way to do so is to establish observability, from source to consumer. Applying DevOps best practices to data pipelines eliminates this illusion of magic and gives organizations the capacity to completely comprehend the state of the data in their system, which is known as data observability.


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