How to beat the Monday Blues?

What is this hullabaloo about Monday Blues? Is it even something we should be writing about? Well, ask yourself these questions.

  • Am I happy that it’s Monday?
  • Am I thrilled to rise and shine?
  • Do I feel lazy and demotivated to make it to the office on a Monday?

10 Ways to Beat the Monday Blues

If you answered no to the first two questions and yes to the last then you have been diagnosed with a serious case of the Monday blues. Don’t worry about it. We have been there too, but somehow we have managed to beat the blues with a bat to the head. So, here we are breaking it down into 10 tasks that you must perform. This will break the Monday blues.

Prepare the previous Night

There is nothing like prepping a day in advance. Here, we refer to mental and physical So, what does this include? They are checking meeting schedules, doing background studies, deciding outfits, checking birthdays and important events. Make sure your Sunday evenings are completely blocked for mental space. This works wonders. Trust us on this!

Plan ahead for the week

Get a planner if you must. Write down events and breakdown spaces for growth and development. Thank us later! Note down meetings, personal events and make time for self-improvement. Block an hour out every day, read a book, listen to a podcast. It is all about whatever works for you.

Decide all your meals in advance

This is one of the most mentally taxing tasks. What to eat? How to eat? When to eat? How long have you stared at the fridge with nothing left to eat or work with? Make sure to pre-plan your meals, or even create a chart for it. You will save hours in your week if you sat down for 5 minutes to decide what your week’s meal would look like.

Wake up a half-hour early

Ever been in a hurry and that is when the latch will decide to loop your bag or your coffee spills and there is an accident down the alley. Punctuality is a value that one must cherish and a discipline that should be practised. Get a head start and begin before the rest of the world does. You could use the quiet before the chaos begins.

Focus on self-care

Waking up, dressing and rushing to the office will leave you frantic and exhausted even before the week could begin. With an added 30 minutes in your day, take a moment to reflect using constructive writing and then 15 minutes of routine stretches. It will stimulate you, leaving you refreshed, stretched and awake, both physically and mentally.

Have a cup of coffee

Sit with a cup. Don’t rush off like these corporate rats with bags in one hand and a coffee flask in another. Sit and take a sip. Reflect on it, embrace it and take it in. A cup of coffee gives you the kick you need or the booster shot. If you aren’t a coffee lover, replace it with a smoothie. It is all about whatever works for you.

Get dressed when you must

Don’t laze around in those PJs and wait for the last minute to rush. With everything organised, all that is left to do is get dressed on time. Enough dragging your feet around, with the caffeine boost, the dopamine rush from the exercise and the mental preparedness to start; you should make it on time.

Eat a healthy and full meal

Sit down and eat your breakfast. This will be the first healthy and fresh meal of the week. Who knows what the week is like? Sit down and take a few bites, patiently. This habit will go a long way and allow you to take a healthy outlook in life.

Leave on time

Get out of the house on time. Watch the clock, set alarms if you must. All that hard work and if you are not able to leave the house on time, then all that effort will go in vain. Get out when you must!

Jump in and seize the day

Notice that you will have a jump in your walk, a smile on your face and a fierce force to take on the week. This effect has a chain reaction. The same ump factors that you now have will be extended to everyone you meet.

Give it a shot. Let us know how it goes. It can’t go any other way than upwards. Watch the rush you feel to take on the day.


Let us know how it goes, keep us posted on the progress. Mazing Focus wishes to bring the same vigour and the bright flame that we possess. We aim at giving you all the life hacks to live a full and balanced life.

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