How Metaversa will change the world?

It is known to all that earlier this month, Facebook was renamed as Meta. You are probably wondering why Mark Zuckerberg (CEO) chose Meta to replace Facebook? Here’s why, the prefix ‘meta’ comes from Greek, which means beyond, after, or across. And, the work ‘verse’ is taken from ‘universe’. Putting together the word is Metaverse. From the discovery of the name, we understand that the CEO has a lot in store for us. This could be a virtual realm that feels almost real that takes us beyond the world or the universe.

how metaverse will change the world

What does Metaverse do?

Metaverse is a virtual world created, where people can interact with others, communicate virtually and collaborate without needing to be at the same place. If there is a thought in your head that says, ‘well! I can already do all of that so what’s the big deal? Here’s an example for you, you can be in New York attending a meeting, and back home your family is preparing for Thanksgiving and you don’t want to miss out. So here’s what Metaverse does for you. You could enjoy dinner with your family, by not gazing at your iPhone or laptop but by being present across the table.

Amusing, right?

The potential of virtual reality is intense. It is taken to another level. Imagine being able to take a test drive of the car you plan on buying, just by sitting at the dinner table. How about being able to try on that Jordan’s while sitting on the couch before you make a purchase? These are all the things and more the Metaverse has created. The credit goes to Mark Zuckerberg.

How does it work?

Metaverse is created in a way where the virtual world and the physical world come together to the VR world. With help of VR headsets, you could attend meetings where you would appear as a cartoonish 3D version of yourself. The metaverse lets you socialize, learn, collaborate and play games in ways we could have never imagined. Virtual reality lets you explore new worlds and have unbelievable experiences. All this can be done with the help of the metaverse accessories. It is made up of augmented realities, a gallery of AR experiences, and a platform for creators, art is taken to a whole new level.

A dream come true – to be in two places at the same time.

What a dream come true to not let that one meeting cancel your whole vacation. The metaverse has created Horizon workrooms, the VR space for teams to connect, collaborate and discuss ideas. The way we work has changed in the past years, more people work remotely. With the power of VR, you can communicate and connect remotely and even improve your team’s ability.

Here’s what Mazing Focus thinks!

Meta is a world created giving people the ability to build a community and bring the world closer together. With the products available you can empower people around the world by sharing ideas, offering support, and making a difference. It is a whole new world created, by making the best use of technology. How exciting is to have a 3D avatar representation of yourself, attend meetings, and be able to be at two places at the same time?

We at Mazing Focus cannot wait to get on hands on it! If you have, leave your experience in the comment session below. We will be thrilled.

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