How does your website design influence SEO?

SEO has begun to play the most important role, and you must know the facts about it. In today’s article, we will be addressing the question, “How does your website design influence SEO?” It does play the most important role when it comes to ranking on search engines. And, your website’s design contributes a major share to its progress.

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How does your website design influence SEO?

The structure of the website

The navigation structure of the website influences the metrics: bounce time, conversion rates, and more. Here’s how to create good navigation on a website. Make sure the website is simple, crisp, and clear. Get rid of complex content and keep the page in familiar terms.

404 page

Have you given the website another chance when you’ve encountered a 404-page situation, or did you just quit? Keep it creative if you must, to hold the attention of the users. Add search bar features for users to navigate their way back through the website.

Loading Speed

If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, then you are in big trouble. The loading speed of the website is the point where decisions are made. Avoid this by minimising the HTTP requests, using cache solutions and more. Call Kaizen Pal, an SEO company in Montreal, for assistance.


There should be a balance between the copy and the images, and one cannot avoid using images. But, there is a high possibility that this could slow down the website. Here are a few tips. Add relevant keywords to the images, and use compressed images and alt text.


These are a few steps and measures that should be taken to make your website SEO-friendly. In this article, we have answered the question: How does your website design influence SEO? Get in touch with us, Kaizen Pal, a web design company in Montreal, for more information to learn how to optimise your website’s performance.

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