How are you going to give this Christmas?

Christmas is around the corner and what are you doing during this festive season? Christmas is not all about celebration, dinner parties and decorations. Christmas is a feeling and a spirit that exists in everyone. The very origin and the essence of this celebration go back to the Roman’s giving thanks for the change of seasons. Having said this, how do you intend to bring change to the world? If you think the world doesn’t need changing then you have to get through this article to see how.

Christmas has been known to be a season of love, kindness and giving. How are you going to give this Christmas?

How are you going to give this Christmas

Let us begin at home

This is a place where there are constant demands. We do not choose the people we call family. Therefore, this comes with a lot of challenges. How do you make a change in order to make this Christmas more meaningful? Go back in time and think of all the instances we consider that we could have been better. We are sure there is a long list. We at Mazing Focus are introspecting as well to build burnt bridges, to be better in our actions and to allow this Christmas to be the time we take to make a change.

  • Our office is our home and here is where we begin.
  • Be nicer to the most challenging people in the house.
  • Use kindness to respond.
  • Understand people’s shortcomings and learn to accept differences.
  • Tolerance goes a long way and here is where you can start.
  • Use the 20/20/20 rule

Our home is our sanctuary. Keep it peaceful and the rest of the areas of your life will be.

Make amends in the office

If you have been finding it challenging to adapt with that one person who seems difficult, put it aside and accept their difference. Not everybody comes from calm and composure, so extend a little kindness to allow him to feel that the office is a safe space. A lot of times we brush through every day forgetting the challenges every individual experiences on different levels. For some, it is moderate for others more demanding.

Here is what you can do

  • Offer to help on that complicated project.
  • Provide insight in areas that he lacks.
  • Stay back and offer a helping hand to complete the day’s task.
  • Take on more responsibilities at the office to lighten burdens.
  • Or you could simply work more sincerely to give back to the office.

Extend this kindness to a stranger

Everybody is walking around with a bolder on their back, including you. So, the struggle is real. The immensity of it may differ but it doesn’t cease to exist. How can you extend this kindness to a fellow being who you do not know?

Here’s what you could do

  • Extend your seat to the person standing beside you. Who knows he might have had a more tiring day.
  • Offer a cup of coffee to the person near the coffee shop. He might have needed it.
  • Share a meal with the needy to help ease hunger.

You can get creative and work around how you give. Bear in mind in giving you receive. You receive joy, satisfaction and improved self-esteem. But, give for the sake of giving. It will do you more good than accumulating all that riches in the world. Do not limit yourself to how you believe you should give. This is where we have begun and we will leave it all to you. Share with us what you think you could do this Christmas. And, let us know how you intend to make another person’s life better than it already is.


Mazing Focus believes in giving we receive. Therefore, we extend our riches of knowledge to you for you to live a better life.

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