Grab your Monday with a Plan to Achieve

We are thrilled to be back another year with the Monday Motivation series. With this being the first Monday of the year 2022 let’s tackle it head-on. We are about to seize the year, the week and the day. If you haven’t planned the year yet we have a solution for you.

We are giving you additional guidelines to grab your Monday Motivation both with yourself and your work. The steps we have created below can be applied to one’s personal and professional life. The same discipline of one’s self can be further extended to your professional self. The discipline of self can be extended in all areas of life irrespective of the situation or place. Conducting oneself with grace and poise are the key elements to self-progress.

grab your monday with a plan to achieve

Plan your day

We are all for planning. Before you dart out through the door in the morning, take a moment to breathe and make a note of all that should be done for the day. If you have a moment to sit down before the drive to work, do so. Write it down. But, for some reason you managed to use up that extra 5 minutes of the morning on another task, then make mental notes. Set timelines and deadlines, if you don’t then it will never get done.

Get to action

Begin to check off the tasks that need to be done. As we are beings who desire instant gratification in all that we do, we would get a kick of dopamine now and then. With each task completed, you will be urged to take a step closer to getting the tasks done, meeting deadlines. As thrilling as it sounds, it will become a habit to get things done and send procrastination out the door once again.

Get more done than that is required

While you are busy checking off the list and accomplishing tasks make sure to remember your surroundings. Lend a hand to the struggling colleague who needs assistance. Pop into your Manager’s cabin and volunteer to get more work done or you could simply make sure that while you work you give it you 101 per cent. We don’t expect you to overwork but give as much as you can give.

Complete the to-do list

As fulfilling as it may sound there are times the plans we make and the to-do lists we create could be unrealistic. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fail to complete it all. Make sure that your best is done for the day that is all that matters. Push these important tasks that should be completed to the next day. No, this is not procrastinating but postponing based on importance. Keep checking the boxes off.

Pre-prep for the next day

Another way to get a head start on the day is to make notes before hitting the bed. Spare 5 minutes to jot it all down. Set timelines in the morning but make a note before getting to bed. Who knows if you’d remember all the tasks that should be done in the morning? This will also give you some time to introspect on the day spent and to evaluate how it could have been managed better.

Do the same for yourself as well. Manage your day and never the other way round. Run your day and do not let the day run you. A simple thought but it would take you a long way.


Mazing Focus works with this. We think and we plan, we organize and we achieve. Keep up with our Monday Motivation Series for more content.

Leave a message in the comment section to let us know the areas you would like us to cover.

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