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All the talk about staying skinny and less about staying fit has caused major damage to the physical health of people and has had a bad impact on their mental health result in low self-esteem. As a result of this, they turn into gym-holics. The course to beat their past unhealthy lifestyle turns into a battle with themselves. To add to this, the world is revolving around a concept of instant delivery and result. Not being aware that fitness is not about hitting the gym but rather a lifestyle or a way of life, they end up overtraining.

Overtraining results in restlessness, physical injury or sometimes illnesses.

Fitness Lifestyle

So, here’s how you fight the Overtraining Syndrome.

Make it a lifestyle. You will have to go a complete shift in the way you conduct your life. In simpler terms, create balance.

Know what you eat :

Make sure you are aware of what is going into your body. Know what you eat. Here’s a pointer – ensure that your plate is colourful. If you see no colour, then you’re in trouble. We are speaking about adding vegetables to your diet. Yes! We know you hate it, but this is the first step.

Know what you’re doing:

Have you been hitting the gym for the past few months and you haven’t reduced a kilo? It only means you’re not doing it right. Get a Personal Trainer, they know exactly how to assist you in the process or get on to YouTube, there’s tons of content.

Focus on mental health:

Having low self-esteem can bring you down, affect your daily activity and have also resulted in serious mental illness. Know that you are working on your physical health, changing your habits and understand that this is an on-going process.

Drink a lot of water:

Stay hydrated and you will watch the change in your physical as well your mental health.

6 tips for fitness lifestyle

  1. Wake up before everyone rises. It is the time for mastery. Don’t hit snooze and don’t snuggle under the covers. For this to be easy, create a sleep pattern. With this, your body clock will watch you up every day.
  2. Begin the day with a glass of water and do a few stretches. It stimulates brain activity, wakes up your body and increases blood circulation.
  3. Meditate for a few minutes. Quite the noise that is in your head and take a moment to practice gratitude. Take a moment to be grateful for the day, for life and fresh air.
  4. Make sure your breakfast is stacked with nutrition. Throw away the easy-to-cook food and have something real.
  5. Monitor your health. Meet a Physician if you must. Manage deficiencies and substitute them with supplements. You should stay informed and take action.
  6. Now, taking yourself to the gym will not be a drag. Count to five, put on your runners and head out. 

Love the way you areignore negativitywork on your passionlive a full life spread positivitystay hydrated

The words above are the transformational words that will bring growth. Small habits practised every day will result in long term progress. If you are yet to apply these changes, get to it right away.

Mazing Focus has more insightful ideas to help you transform your lifestyle. Let us know how you have progressed in the comment section below.

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