Email marketing best practices and tips for 2022

Email marketing has been in practice for quite some time now. Is it as effective as it used to be in the past? In this article, we bring you the best practices and tips for email marketing for the year 2022. We will break it down into smaller pieces to help you understand the power of email marketing and how it can allow your business to grow.

Email marketing has been around for more than two decades, and if we’re writing about it today, it’s been around for a long time. But, we saw a decline and a transformational shift in how business owners moved from email marketing to social media marketing. But, as you can see, email marketing is one way to make it into office emails, CEOs’ and business owners’ inboxes.

email marketing for 2022

Here are the 7 best practices and tips for email marketing for the year 2022

  • Send out welcome emails

You will not believe the effect of sending out introductory emails. Studies have clearly indicated that there are more clicks on introductory emails than on other marketing emails. So, this is your opportunity to make the best first impression. Make it trendy and catchy while clearly explaining the services and products offered by an individual.

  • Timing is the success element

It is important to understand the target market and their predicted timing of checking their emails in the right state of mind. It is vital that emails be sent to other businesses during corporate working hours to ensure the email is at least glanced at. If you catch them at the wrong time, they will be directly dumped into the trash.

  • Choosing the perfect frequency

Bombarding inboxes with marketing emails will end up leaving receivers frustrated, and without a glance, your email will be dumped into the trash. Studies have proven that newsletters that have been sent once a week have been shown to have a higher success rate in comparison to those of a higher frequency email strategy.

  • Get the email stats right

Thousands of emails can be shot out in seconds. This is no means by which they can dictate the success of the emails that have been sent out. Data analysis based on the number of emails sent out cannot be used to predict outcomes. Instead, it is important to have email checkers to ensure deliverability.

  • Make your name and brand known

When it comes to email marketing, the fact is that it will reach multiple individuals at the same time. And senders often forget the fact that it has to be individualistic. How can this element be added? Make sure you add a catchy sender’s name along with the brand name. For example, Jessie from Mazing Focus. This will make an impression.

  • Choose eye-catching subject lines

With this being the first piece of content writing that will be looked at, it is important for the subject line to be commanding, alluring, and enticing. This is the only way your email doesn’t get tossed into the trash can. Be creative depending on your business services and products. You need to make a good first impression.

  • Avoid getting dumped in the spam box

Make sure you allow your emails to be unsubscribed easily. Why is this so? Most marketing emails come with unsubscribe options, assuming that if they cannot locate the option, they can continue to send emails. This will annoy receivers and get you dumped into spam. This will raise multiple red flags.

The Bottomline

Email marketing can be tricky and challenging, but effective at the same time. It is important that businesses understand that email marketing is at the top of the list of marketing strategies. This will force multiple verticles to simultaneously progress, with the goal being to reach wider markets and derive an income.


To summarise, in this article, we discussed the practices and tips for email marketing for 2022. The practices and tips are analyses of the past errors that have been committed. By applying these changes, your email marketing campaign is prone to boom. Mazing Focus is learning the ways in which businesses can grow and how they can make use of the digital technology that is available.

Stay with us for more content on digital marketing and its benefits.

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