Elon Musk and the future

We are Elon Musk’s biggest fan and here are all the reasons why you should be as well. Elon Musk has taken the world by storm and there isn’t anyone unaware of the name. He is the genius behind pushing humanity forward in time and the name behind the rise and the fall of bitcoin now and then. An entrepreneur, Elon has been the talk of Silicon Valley since his involvement with PayPal but his name went big when it came to Tesla. And, even bigger with SpaceX.

elon musk and the future

His name stands amongst the greats in the industry from the past to the present. He will remain on the list for a while into the future. He no longer remains just a CEO and founder of companies rather he is an inspiration to many. His work ethics and principles are the pathways for every future billionaire. His qualification in Physics and Economics has created all that we see today.


We are all for planning. Before you dart out through the door in the morning, take a moment to breathe and make a note of all that should be done for the day. If you have a moment to sit down before the drive to work, do so. Write it down. But, for some reason you managed to use up that extra 5 minutes of the morning on another task, then make mental notes. Set timelines and deadlines, if you don’t then it will never get done.


If you thought self-driving cars would be a thing of the future, you’re wrong. Don’t be surprised if you look at a car moving around with no driver. We are a part of the future. From the technology that is used to the designs, it is all futuristic.

0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds is the speed at which Tesla is heading into the future. Better yet Tesla is fully electric with a charging capacity and speed of 15 minutes will recharge up to 162 miles. Self-driven and the safest are the words we love to hear together.


Elon’s very own space program that designs and manufactures rockets. SpaceX products can be reused. While we watch NASA launch rockets on the news, SpaceX has multiple successful launches simultaneously. Space technology has brought the cost of launching rockets a much lower cost than before.

The unsettling idea of life on Mars seems like Elon Musk’s next target. Another futuristic means of living. The word often used is the colonization of Mars. As terrifying as it sounds, Mazing Focus is thrilled as we follow their progress closely.


Elon Musk is here to stay on the news for a long time. While he harnesses the manner in which energy is used, he is the man who would bring the future to us. If Mazing Focus has the means we will be the first in line to be a part of the colonization.

All you Musk fans, follow us for more content about the future and all that it holds. Leave your comment below if you wish to own a Tesla or make a trip to Mars!

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