Digital Marketing Post COVID Lockdowns– Is it a Boom or Doom?

The COVID Lockdowns sent the world crashing. Education was on hold, businesses shut, retail couldn’t think of opening their doors in months – economies were crashing. But, there was one sector that survived – the digital marketing sector. With businesses scrambling and doors shut the only other means to reach people were online.

Although we were shut tight into our homes, we had access to the world – the digital world. Everything was digitalized. We can say that this was a revolutionary push that forced the world to transform into a binary world of the internet. The only other adaptable industry was the digital marketing industry.

digital marketing post covid lockdown

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Here are the reasons why it did.

It is because of the flexibility digital marketing had to offer. When it comes to online businesses, the need for physical encounters and space is removed. So, budding entrepreneurs and capitalists grabbed at the idea to of course make the best out of it. How did they do it? We can bombard you with stats and numbers, but we rather keep it simple.

What’s our agenda? The secret to running a successful business is a digital marketing and we want to spread the word.

With unpredictable times, here is all the reason you need to move your business online. Let’s make the best of digital marketing service.

  1. People couldn’t leave their homes but services continued. Delivery at the doorstep to keep people locked away in their homes was the solution. Locked at home, high-speed internet and an increase in demand created two groups of people. The consumer and the service provider, both groups making the best of the situation. We know for a fact that life did become a lot easier despite being put away for months. This also salvaged the economy from a complete crash.
  2. Post pandemic, the culture has changed and the way people operate is no longer the same. This is why we call it a revolution. It was no voluntary change but instead, it was inevitable. The inevitability to change and adaption, yet maintain the standard of living and the expectation of comfort. And, digital marketing and eCommerce brought this to the people.
  3. How many of your phones are clustered with shopping apps? One for food delivery, another for your groceries, for clothing and the list goes on. Countries have seen a 50% rise in the number of shopping apps downloaded. This obviously means that businesses were moved online for people to be able to download an app for each product.

It has been such trying times but from a privileged perspective, COVID forced the hand of society to change. Studies should be conducted to analyze the sociological and commercial changes that had taken place.


Mazing Focus is keen on understanding and breaking the COVID boom or doom phenomena. Let us know what you think. Were you an eCommerce start-up or were you a consumer? Share your story.

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