What’s the digital marketing budget for 2022?

With a couple of days to go, how are you getting along with the nearing of another year? It is clear that one needs to have a budget set in place. If there is no planning, there is no direction. And, no direction will lead to chaos. The pandemic has changed how businesses work. It has changed the manner in which people conduct business. In the past few months, we have witnessed businesses move from a physical setup to an online setup. Mazing Focus is sure based on analysis conducted this method is here to stay.

What’s the digital marketing budget for 2022?

Online marketing shot up ever since the pandemic hit. If you were not sharp enough to bring about a change in the manner in which you conducted business, then use 2022 for the change. If you have not given it a thought, well, it is time you do now. If you wish for your business to thrive and climb new heights with the changes that are to be a part of the business world then it is vital that digital marketing is taken seriously. Check out our previous article where mazing Focus has provided guidelines to assist in the process of choosing a digital marketing agency in Chennai.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you in the process of getting your business organized and preparing it for a revolutionary and progressive change.

Align business goals

Dictate in advance what it is you wish to achieve through your business and the professional goals and heights you wish to take it to.

Conduct a business analysis

Complete a study based on the performance of the previous year and the years prior to that. Study the marketing strategy implemented and study the pros and cons of the past with the present.

Choose a marketing scheme

Decide to take it all online. Revamp your website if needed, rewrite content to match the demands of SEO and choose Social media marketing over traditional means of marketing.

Restructure the marketing ideologies

Leave it to Seo Services in Chennai experts to develop means through which they can increase and maintain your ranking at the top of search engines.

Apply changes

Welcome change and do not shy away from it. Make the changes that your business needs at once. Do not delay implementing these factors any further.

Here’s a pro tip to guide you through the process

Use the 70/20/10 method

  • 70% of the marketing budget should be used to implement and bring about immediate changes.
  • 20% for the innovative strategies that require testing and rectification.
  • 10% for the ideas that are radical and new but still need time to incubate.

Bringing about change is vital when it comes to a business. Needs are changing every day. And, the manner in which people conduct business is also changing. Business owners should understand the flexibility and understand the concept of adapting. Use the above steps as guidelines to assist you to elevate your business to new heights.


Mazing Focus has done its groundwork so that your business can break the glass ceiling in 2022. Implement changes, adapt and accept that change is needed. You will watch your business grow to new heights with each passing day.

Let us know what your business plans are for the year 2022 and how you plan on setting new business goals and accomplishing tasks.

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