The art of journaling

Now when we refer to journaling we speak of a concept far from recording life’s events. Here we refer to something deeper. Back then people record daily events or special occasions to remember the past, emotions and feelings. But, in the 21st century, we have advanced technology to replace the old habit of journaling events. The concept we speak about brings clarity. How can writing in a diary bring clarity? Well, it does and here’s how you can make journaling work for you.

art of journaling

What is journaling?

The journaling we refer to here is the art of positive writing. We aren’t here to record the past, we have cameras to do the job. Instead, we are speaking about noting down and dictating the events that are yet to unfold. Don’t go just yet, this isn’t voodoo logic. We have science to back us up.

Here’s how it works

  • You begin by being grateful. Wow! This leads to the question, what am I thankful for today? It can be the house you’re in or the simple bed you sleep on. Ridiculous? Imagine life without it. We thought so. Go ahead and appreciate the little things in life.
  • You should say goodbye to the spontaneous days to take one day at a time. You don’t have much time for the amount of quality and experience life has to give you. Live life every day to the fullest. Dictate how your day plays out.
  • Remove the clutter. Our minds are bombarded with content writing, imagery, sound and so much more. It is as simple as pulling out a rope. You are going to write down all the clutter that is disturbing your focus. Someone in the office yelled at you? Write it down and get it out of your head.
  • Now, you will have to dig deeper. This is in straight connection to your future. What’s the 5-year plan or the 10-year plan? If you take one day at a time, we’re sorry to tell you, you’re in trouble. Plan ahead.
  • Evaluate progress. What’s the right way to do it? Your friend bought a brand new Porsche and you didn’t, so you conclude you’re not progressing. Too bad we’re calling you out a bit much, you’re wrong again. Forget about materialism. Ask yourself the question – Am I better than yesterday? You should be your own scale.
  • Last of all, state out with utmost sincerity that you are in control of your day, your emotions and your reactions. Write it down if you must. Affirm with an attitude that makes it true. You’ll be surprised.

If we’ve managed to keep you around then we must have said something right. How does it work? With your mind well instructed, its duty is to ensure that it abides it and sees it through.

You will experience a different level of focus, centred on the task that needs to be done and carry an attitude as you have affirmed. Now, we hate to tell you but this is not a one-day project but instead, it will take a while.

Of course, there is an immediate bonus. You feel a weight lifted off your back, a sense of calm and composure, confidence in your strides fully set out with a mission to execute your plans. Follow us for more content on how to put these ideas and jotted down thoughts into actions. Work with us and allow Mazing Focus to transform you life.

Mazing Focus is eager to know what you think. Drop your comments below and let us know how you have managed to take control of your life.

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