Adding a Human Touch to Digital Marketing

We are aware of the fact that digital marketing has taken over the field of advertising. It is quite clear that events, catastrophic events pushed businesses, pushed people to move from a physical dimension to the digital realm. This intrinsic push caused people to adapt overnight which removed the elements of gradual progression. When terms such as pushed, forced and compelled to are added in the same sentence it calls for introspection. What did the forceful push from the physical to the digital do? And, how are we to change that?

Adding a Human Touch to Digital Marketing

As Mazing Focus would like to remain in the Centre of the digital marketing world, here are the areas we think we could work on to add more human touch to the campaigns and the methods used in digital marketing. Why is Mazing Focus concerned about adding a human touch to digital marketing is because we understand that these phenomena must go hand in hand. If one exists without the other, it is somehow doomed to fail.

Adding a personal effect to messages

Who doesn’t like to be singled out and made to feel important? Digital marketing has a lot to do with understanding the human mind and behaviorism. Here’s how you could bring about these changes.

  • Be well informed of social practices and trends
  • Create content suitable for the target audience
  • Use a relatable language
  • Stand for social change
  • Conclusion

Increase the concept of individuality

Create content that would directly influence and capture the attention of the viewers. What better way to do this than a bit of personal touch. Let your content speak directly to the viewer. Allow the content to work in a manner that would bring about a direct influence.

  • Let text directly approach the viewer
  • Use direct statements
  • Use the principles of direct speech

Understanding common practices and allowing them to work for you

Bombard your content with the idea to create. Create content writing that would bring about a sense of inclusion. This would allow users to connect, share and indulge in a product that is focused on bringing and advocating change.

  • Follow trends of the youth
  • Show real people
  • Use live chats to connect and discuss issues

The final step is to obviously see all this through and deliver a fine product. The reason digital marketing campaigns and strategies should be put into place in a manner to introduce your product to the unknown. Businesses do not necessarily need to thrive on it but the product itself once utilized can be a marketing tool in itself.

So, how does one use the last strategy? Before the digital world of marketing and the options of advertising, customers were loyal to the product and the owner. The owner or the service provider would always use his people’s skills to make sure these customers would return day after day.

Of course, there was competition but never in the sense that would put one’s business at risk. It remained so only because the world had lesser competition but the personal touch that was added by these service providers would go a long way.


Mazing Focus aims at bringing the same for you as well. We aim to bring and add a personal touch to every piece of information we bring.

Let us know how your business decides to add the touch that is needed to elevate your business.

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