The Need to Have an Active Facebook Business Page

Before getting into the details of the importance of having an active Facebook business page let us look into where it all began. How did a social media platform turn into a place where people conduct business? Traditional ways of marketing are beginning to take a backseat. No more print media and distributing flyers. Digital Marketing has been and will continue to dominate the areas of marketing.

This has also allowed businesses to reach new heights where they can grow their brand and increase visibility. The key factor with using online marketing is the accuracy of targeting the audience and removing the concept of randomness that the traditional method of marketing provides.

why is it important to have an active facebook business page

We have broken it down into bits to urge you to get your Facebook business page active and eliminate the loopholes of traditional marketing.


Let’s take advantage of people being hooked onto their phones. Users spend an average of 1.5 hours per day on Facebook. Although it may seem like mindless scrolling, they are grasping content, whether they are aware of it or not. Is mindless scrolling healthy is a question to be tackled on another day. But, ever since Facebook hit the market and we experienced the internet revolution, it has only been an upward spiral.

Often the legibility of business is cross-checked with their presence on Facebook and its activities on the social media platform. Customers check for regular feed updates, offers and reviews on Facebook. Both organic and paid options are available for you to increase the publicity of your brand image through the most used social media platform, Facebook.


Gone are the days where an individual depended on word of mouth. With the growing rate of social media marketing customers resorts to Facebook to analyze the public’s opinion of your business. With social media, all bridges of discretion have been burnt. One can view the positives and negatives with the honest opinion of their customers. Star ratings and comments contribute to this factor.

Customers are free to judge the kind of business providers that they are seeking and make calculated decisions without a doubt. This sense of transparency can only be found on Facebook, giving customers the truth and thus, creating room for more honest and legitimate transactions to take place.


Facebook continues to work on adding progressive features almost on a daily basis in order to enhance the experience of the users. Having a Facebook page alone wouldn’t allow you to reap the complete benefits of Facebook but the constant and consistent depiction that you have an active Facebook account goes a long way. Facebook has made interaction with people simpler by the day.

Here are the add-ons – live videos where comments can be added in real-time despite geographical limitations, comments and likes on posts that include images, videos or texts, and the review section where ratings and opinions based on experience can be posted. These features break all barriers of distance and exclusivity between businesses and customers, thus, creating a friendly relationship.

Here’s a bonus tip for staying with us until the end – Stay relevant and innovative in your content that goes up on your Facebook page.


Mazing Focus is a big fan of Digital Marketing where we exhaust the advantages of Social Media platforms. Why let go of opportunities that are at our disposal. Facebook is an open treasure available to all and the key is to know how to utilize it.

Leave a comment below to tell us if you agree with the three-pointers and why.

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